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Manuela is a trilingual performer based between Vancouver and New York City. As a Venezuelan-American who grew up studying French in Canada, she embraces her own cultural complexity and celebrates  nuanced identities in the diverse characters she embodies. Manuela is trained in classical and contemporary acting and her interests in dramaturgy have led her to work internationally with playwrights, directors and choreographers to devise and develop new plays. Past collaborators include Rice&Beans Theatre, Theatre Elsewhere, The Troika Collective, Elysse Cheadle, Leaky Heaven Circus, MouthRadio, Classic Theatre of Harlem, The Young Company, and The Hong Kong Dance Alliance.  Manuela holds a BFA from Simon Fraser University in French and Theatre, and an MFA in Acting from Columbia University.


..." a few players are worthy of the highest commendation. Manuela Sosa, a MFA candidate who portrays Frida Kahlo in the show, is truly the most exciting actor to watch. She is nothing short of a commanding presence, captivating the entire audience every time she steps onto the stage."

- Jake Tibbettes Columbia Student News

"I must emphasize how bewildering the experience was: twice in the play, impassioned dialogues between lovers transform into full-on dance sequences. Paulina’s (Manuela Sosa) flamenco stomping, in particular, was rather unexpected and highly memorable."

- Levi Cohen Columbia Student News

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"as played by Sosa, Stella reveals herself to be a woman of indomitable will... In a bravura scene the physical and psychological toll Pedro Sr's illness is taking on Stella is made clear as Sosa skips rope while reciting a litany of Pedro's symptoms, the drugs he's taking, and the food items she's daily consuming from the vending machines in the hospital; Sosa does not miss a beat on either count."

- Peter Dickinson Performance, Place, and Politics